TABATA, the Humelab’s High Tech Touch Table 

If you never heard about Humelab before, you should know they are a renowned producer of high-tech designed furniture that perfectly integrates into our everyday lives. The name of the French company actually means “Experimental Humanities”, a perfectly chosen name as their products are actually designed to connect the basic human necessities with the advanced digital technology. Using this vision as their inspiration, Humelab created TABATA, a high tech touch table, but also other technological furniture as SAMANTA, a dinner touch table, CLEA, a family entertainment table, EVA, a tactile multi-touch tablet and TOMA, an interactive desk.

The Humelab High Tech Table TABATA is without any doubt the soul of the company, but also a table-gadget simply loved by the users. In fact, it’s hard to imagine something cooler than having a coffee table with running Windows and a touch screen feature, that can give you access to internet, apps or home entertainment system, according to your personal preferences. Besides, you can even invite some friends and play all together, thanks to the multi-touch touch screen... it’s simply amazing!

What is even great about Humelab’s HABATA is that it was created for everyday use. Besides the sleek design that will surely highlight the environment and powered by last generation Intel processor, the table is waterproof, sun-proof and perfectly flat, so it can easily be used as a table, without making you worry too much about placing a glass of water on top of the screen. As if this wasn’t already enough, TABATA is really fast and can communicate with all your gadgets, starting with the smartphone and ending with the home automation system.

With such great products, it’s pretty obvious why Humelab received an award for the best innovative products. The company has proven to have great skills in design and high-tech, but also in integration and customization of their products. With Humelab’s products, you’ll get nothing but a supreme interactive experience.

Humelab started their career in the digital and high-tech products back in 2001, and since then they became one of the leading companies in the innovative digital products industry. Their products, perfect for both homes and offices, are a start to a new era regarding our future furniture, and they are definitely products that almost all of us would like to have.

If you would like to discover more about TABATA and also about the other products of the company, just take a look at this useful resource